Mails older than 7 days are not appearing in MS outlook Inbox

Mails older than 7 days disappearing in MS outlook Inbox

One of my office mates got a problem in his Ms outlook that mails older than 7 days were not
appearing in his MS outlook. It was neither in deleted folder nor in archive. I checked if there is any setting that could delete the mails but I found nothing.

After some time my assistant told me it’s a simple function and setting of MS outlook and we can simply change it by a single click. For re-display those mails he went to menu->view->current view and selected messages. Earlier it was selected as only last seven days.

I understand it’s not a big deal to know this thing but I believe it’s something that many people do not know as they do not play with settings and disappearing of emails from your live MS outlook create a panic so If I can save single minute also for any one by this I would think that writing this post was useful.

Hope it will be useful

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Thnx sir!

Its so nice!

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