Port Restricted for security reason Firefox

Port Restricted for security reason Firefox

Today someone in my office came to me and said that she is getting an error that port restricted for security reason in her Firefox browser for some local host server. She said she already tried everything in its solution but I knew she didn’t.

I went to about:config or Firefox and tried to search something related to this but got nothing then I opened Google and first 2-3 result my problem got resolved. Here is complete solution for this problem in steps.

1) Open your Firefox browser, in url box type about:config and press enter.
2) In next screen you will get a warning message click on “I will be careful, I promise!” button.
3) In next screen search for “network.security.ports.banned.override”.
4) If this string is not there write click anywhere in the firefox text window and click on new and then select string.
4) You will get a box says “ Enter the preference name” in its text box give the name “network.security.ports.banned.override” and press ok.
5) In next screen you have to give the string value. This string value is port number of your port.
6) If you want to allow all port then please give 0-65535. It will allow all the port. If you want to give some specific port then you can give those specific port using comma separated value example 101, 102, 103 etc.
7) Once it’s done you are ready to visit your url and this time you will be able to access the url without any problem.

Hope it’s useful for you and you liked it.

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