How to remove IE 7 from windows XP SP3

How to remove IE 7 from windows XP SP3

Few days back someone in my officie said to me that they need the IE 6 back in there computer so I should install the IE 6 in their XP computer. I said to them just uninstall IE 7 from your computer and IE 6 will come automatically in windows XP machine. The other person said to me he already tried that but there is no remove button in IE7 in add remove windows program.

It was a new thing for me as I have not seen this issue earlier, so I went to his seat and saw the computer but found nothing unusual in computer. After few second I realized that all the uninstall of IE 7 that I did was before XP SP3 so I checked if SP 3 was installed on the computer and yes XP SP3 was installed.

Ok so now I just removed the XP SP3 and then I restarted the machine than removed IE 7 and this time I was able to remove it.

For removing XP SP3 you just need to go to your add remove program and remove the XP SP3.

Keep remember this will take hell lot of time to remove XP SP3 from computer so I would recommend you to do it in night and leave your computer on so it would not affect your working hour.

One more thing I must recommend to you that do a backup of the entire important file and do create a system restore point before uninstalling SP3. Backup and system restore point creation is not necessary but a good practice to do before any risky task.

Hope it was useful for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it is very useful, wokring fine, thanks,

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