Delete Exchange server log automatically on windows server 2008

Delete Exchange server log automatically on windows server 2008

I have MS Exchange server 2007 on windows server 2008

It works great but every positive thing hold a negative in it so exchange server 2007 over windows server 2008 is there. I was not able to take online backup of Exchange server 2007 on windows server 2008 because NT Backup utility is not available there in windows server 2008.

My problem was that I was not able to take backup of exchange edb file and because of that logs were filling the hard disk and due to logs when Hard disk goes full MY MS Exchange server 2007 stop working. So I had to delete the logs manually and sometime restart of server and that only Exchange server works properly.

So for get rid of this problem I discussed with one of my friend Shahnawaz Khan and he created a tiny utility.

* This utility copy all the logs file with extension .log at some other location and delete log file from original location.

* After copying the files it will delete original log files.

* After 30 Days copied file will get deleted from copied location too.

* This utility will delete files that are older than 7 Days.

You can download this tool from here.

You can use this utility not only for exchange server log deletion but you can use it for any kind of log deletion.

Ok let me explain you how to use this utility.

1) Download this utility from here.

2) Extract it with password

3) Open logpurger.exe.config file with a notepad.

4) Now you will get some code as in following image.

5) You need to give your source directory in value of source Marked as red.

6) Then give destination directory in value of destination Marked as red.

7) Make sure you give fully qualified name as its given in image.

8) Now you just need to run the logpurger.exe file and you are done.

It will take all the backup of log files and will delete old log files

If you want to make it on daily basis you can schedule it in a schedule task. For more information about scheduled task you can visit my previous post here.


1) I am not responsible for any kind of damage of your computer with this tool.

2) You should scan it by your trusted antivirus before use

3) If you are using it on a live environment I would recommend you use test it on a testing machine before real machine.

4) If any data is loss in this procedure I will have no responsibility for that.

5) This tool comes with no warranty and guarantee so use if you us this utility no one has any responsibility.

You can discuss for this on my sites forum also if you face any problem in this.

You can discuss for this here


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