Download HCL Laptop and Desktop drivers

Yesterday someone asked me to reformat his laptop.

I said ok I will do just give the driver CD of the Laptop but the reply that I got was not good for me. He said he doesn’t have the driver CD and worst thing was that I didn’t have the option to say no.

I thought it’s OK I will get the drivers from HCL website and will install it but when I searched for the driver on HCL InfoSystems website, I found it’s of no use, there were nothing like download driver on their website. After this I had no option other then Google

After some times goggling I found a link that solved my purpose partly. This link was from HCL InfoSystems but not on any domain. It’s an IP that contains all the drivers.

So for any kind of HCL Laptop and desktop driver you need to visit this url.

After visiting this url select your device laptop or desktop then wait for some time, it wi fetch all the available desktop or laptop drivers. Once you are done with your model number click on go and in few second it will take you to your desired driver page.

Now you can download the driver but some time you may find that download is too slow weather you have a 8mbps connection. So if it’s taking too much time to download that particular driver you have an alternate option. Get the driver name and version number from HCL driver page and download it separately using Google. I did so for sound driver of above laptop.
I hope it was use full for you


Anonymous said...

The above link doesn't works any more.

The new link is

Do update it for everyone's sake.

Anonymous said...


Both the above links are not working. Can you please suggest any other link for dowloading HCL laptop drivers.


Unknown said...

Hiya... That was a good work.. But, I would appreciate much if I could have an WORKING LINK.....

Anonymous said...

give a working link yaar

Anonymous said...

thank you for nothing , links are dead .

Unknown said...

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