Paste your photo on celibrity T shirt

How to paste my photo on celibrity T shirt

After looking all the above images you must be thinking that how did I did it.

Answer is simple they are made behind me.. Ha ha ha …

In fact it’s a joke they can’t be made for me but you can be when I will tell you how did I did it.

Actually any one can do this by simple photo upload and selecting what background or other peripheral you want with your photo. Now I will not take your more time and will igve you the Site URL

you just upload your photo over this site choose where you want your photo and that’s all you need to do…

This site will create a jpg image with the back ground or location that you selected.

You can choose hundreds of option for selecting your picture location.

Hope it was useful for you and you enjoyed it.
Thanks for being here


Photo T Shirt said...

I think that the last shirt with the photo of the woman looks the best, but that´s just my personal opinion!

Thanks for sharing!

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