"You must install networking before you change this computers domain membership"

Browser services are stopped, start it and it will be done

Yesterday my assistant was trying to add a new computer in domain and he found the above error. He came to me and asked what I should do now, I asked him to do a Google for this but his reply was not acceptable because he said he got nothing positive.

I did another search and found a lot of results but only few were acceptable for me because I only look for the best option that is simplest one and to the point. I don’t like to do lot of work and lot of changes for any simple task.

Ok let’s talk about the solution. Here is the solution for that.

This problem occurred because browser services are not on so turn on the browser services and it will work. For turning on browser services you need to follow the bellow step.

1. Windows+r=run panel

2. Type services.msc on run panel text box and press enter.

3. It will open services management option.

4. Here find the browser services and start it.

That’s it you are done and now you can add this computer to your domain.

Thanks for being here

I hope this helped you


Unknown said...

thanx a lot. it really helped.

paapu said...

hi thanks, it helps me but when went to services, i couldn't found computer browser services. then i installed the client for microsoft networks in network connections..

now my problem is solved.. thanks for everyone

ch3ko said...

Great!! thx :D

F1fo said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant; this was driving me crazy. Thanks!

Manoj Prabhakar said...

Thank u bro :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this help me!

Anonymous said...


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