The file is too too large for the destination file system

Big files can not copy on USB drive

Some time people call me or mail me and ask me that they are not able to copy a bigger file from their computer to their USB hard drive and I do have a two simplest solution for them either you are not logged in as administrator user or your USB drive is formatted as FAT 32 and in most of the cases both the thing they find correct.

First thing you should check whether your USB hard drives partition is NTFS or FAT32. If its partitioned as FAT32 then you can convert the FAT partition in NTFS without any problem using a simple command as bellow.

convert drivename: /fs:ntfs

If this command doesn’t work for you then I would recommend you to contact your USB drive support centre so they can assist you for this. The other way to get the partition is that you format the drive as NTFS but that could make a loss of one click backup and other functionality of your USB Hard drive

If this is not the case then there is second thing that’s stopping you to copy that bigger file in your USB drive that you are not logged in as administrator user. If you are not logged in as administrator user then it would not allow you to copy a bigger file so first enable administrator user and then copy the data using that administrator account.

By Default in Vista and Windows XP administrator account remain disable you need to enable them before logging in. Here is process for enabling administrator user in xp and vista.

1) Write click on my computer and click on manage.
2) Find local users and group->users and then find the administrator user.
3) right click on user go to it properties and deselect Account it disabled checkbox.
4) Now set the password of administrator user and now you are ready to login as administrator user.
Enable administrator user in windows XP and Vista
For login press ctrl+alt+del it will give you classic login screen give user name as administrator and password and login.

I hope it was useful for you and you enjoyed it
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Anonymous said...

It was helpful, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dubey for sharing this great tip. You might be interested in link exchange with my blog. Since we both are new it would be helpful. Contact me via my blog's contact page if you are interested. Thanks

Anonymous said...

what you never said was "why" you cant copy large files using a FAT32 HDD...thats what i want to know. why and what is the max

AP said...

FAT file system has limitation of 4 GB so you can not copy file more than 4 GB in FAT file system

godjerin said...

Fuck you man No need for this steps

just format the drive with ntfs mode and defalt allocation size

Anonymous said...

idiot formatting deletes whole drive at least u can save some of shitz on ur drive..

Anonymous said...

But will following the above steps erase everything on my hard drive?

DDMcKey said...

Awesome solution for my 1TB ex FAT32, thank you. If you read the instructions, there are no questions to be asked, people. Transfer speed has jumped from 24.1MB/sec > 68MB/sec and it's currently 'chunking' away transferring a 24 GB file. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thankyou sooo much...this solved my problem when i converted from FAT to NTFS...

Website Design and Development said...

I got a simple solution of that. Just right click on the usb icon and click on Format.
before starting format, change the file system from FAT32 to NTFS and select file size maximum.

Then format the usb and after completing format, it will accept any size of file.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dude. That was is and worked like I am the one who invented it. Like a charm

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! This helped a ton! :D

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