Not able to send email using code

One of the developers in my office came to me and said that he is not able send the mails from his code but at same time someone else with same code is able to send the same mail. I did a cross check and found that there was no issue in firewall permission.

I did Google search for this and it said the same thing that check for your firewall setting and check if that port is blocked but after all the testing I found culprit was Antivirus. So if you get this problem do check following things

1) First thing that you should check is turn of your antivirus for a short duration and check if it’s working fine. If it works fine after turning off the antivirus add the IP and port in trusted zone of antivirus.
2) If it does not work after this also you should disable your firewall with antivirus and check it. If it’s working add the IP/port in trusted zone of firewall.
3) If still you are getting problem please talk to your network admin make sure that required IP and required port is accessible from your computer.

You can comment here with your email id if you find any problem I will come back to you in short time

Hope it solved your problem

Thanks for being here


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