Word press website is not displaying in internet explorer

Wordpress website is not viewable in internet explorer.

Remove last edited post and it will work great

Just before some time I was doing some changes in word press themes of my website www.techraga.com and I found it stopped working. I was able to see only header and the subject line of my last post. I tried to open the website in Firefox and it worked out of box.

My next job was to go for google and I found some tips to solve the issue like they said disable JavaScript site meter but unfortunately I didn’t install this tool yet on my word press. I was numb and I thought to create a new post and see if its visible in Internet explorer and I was amazed that it worked very much fine.

I went through everything that might have gave a problem and I realized that I deleted on line from my previous post and just after that I was not able to view the site properly on Internet Explorer. After this I just deleted my post and wow it was working fine again.

So if your word press web site is not getting display or not viewable in Internet Explorer 6 or IE 7 just remove the last edited post and create that post once again it will work fine. You don’t need to go for disabling the add-on or anything like that.

Hope it was helpful and you liked it.

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Unknown said...

huh!!!? it's not working for me @ www.YaBoyMartell.com

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