Drive name, folder name and file name turning blue

Folder and file name including drive is turning blue

One of my very friends called me and told me he is getting this issue in his computer.

He find that files and folder in his computer in C drive are turning blue and he is suspicious about virus is a reason for this. He told me he find same issue once before also and he ended up with loss of document and complete pc Formatting but he is getting this problem again.

I assured him that there is no virus in his commuter and it’s a simple functionality of Windows XP. This functionality compress old file and folder and turn them in blue.

For solution of this problem here is a solution.

1) rite click on drive that is turning blue and click on properties

2) It will open a window as bellow

3) In above image you can See that check box at compress drive to save disk space is checked.
4) Remove that check box and click on apply and it will ask you to apply the changes on drive only or drive plus folder subfolder and files also.

5) Make sure to click on apply changes to drive, subfolder and files.

It will take some time to convert and uncompress all the files and folder and then you will not have problem of files and folder name turning blue.

I hope it was useful for you

Thanks for being here


Anonymous said...

christ people still use xp?

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