Share Room Mailbox to every user in Exchange server 2007

Few days back I lost everything in exchange server 2007 and I managed to recover almost every user mailbox but I was not able to recover room mail box. This Exchange server was created by someone else and he only created the entire room mailbox and shared them to every user. I was on leave that time so couldn’t ask him how he did that. I asked that guy but he didn’t helped me at all, I thought I will find it out on Google or Microsoft but didn’t get any sure and easy way to share Calendar of a newly created Room Mailbox to every user.

When I got no option no solution I did some tweak for this. I created a Regular mailbox as conference room and configured that on outlook and shared calendar of that particular conference room to all users than I converted this regular mailbox to room mail box and it worked like charm.

If you already have a room mail box and want to share that room mail box to every user never mind you can convert room mail box to a regular mail box and then you can convert this regular mailbox to room mailbox again without any issue.

I hope you know exchange management shell and how to create a mail box so I will not explain those things to you.

Here is the process for sharing a room mail box calendar to every user.

  1. If you have not created a room mail box yet create a room mail box if you want to share your present room mail box please continue with that.
  2. First thing you need to do is reset password of your room mailbox with any standard password that you want to give like “dubey.123” or whatever you want.
  3. Now click on start go to exchange management shell and right click on exchange management shell select run as administrator. UAC will ask for confirmation and obviously we have to click on continue.
  4. It will open exchange management shell for you.
  5. Give following command in your exchange management shell.
  6. “Set-Mailbox Conference2 -Type Regular”
  7. In this conference2 is room mail box and this is what you need to change.
  8. Above command will convert room mail box as user mail box.
  9. Configure this Room/User Mailbox in your outlook.
  10. After configuration in outlook open calendar, right click on calendar and share the same with the entire user list with whom you want to share.
  11. Make sure to add a cc to yourself also in this email.
  12. users to click on open this calendar in outlook.
  13. Now go to exchange management shell in server and type
  14. “Set-Mailbox Conference2 -Type Room”
  15. Above command will convert user mailbox to room mailbox again and you can manage it as room mailbox from your exchange management console.

Hope it will be helpful for you and you like this post

AP Dubey


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