How to allow email from website using SMTP protocol in McAfee

One of my team member complained to me that they are not able to receive email from there website, this website is issue manager that send automatic email using SMTP protocol if there is any issue booked in this website. After getting idea since when they are facing this issue I found only one chance during this time. It was McAfee installation. After few searching I found every automatic mail that gets generated from website work under similar protocol and McAfee treat it as Mass mailing worm.

To solve this issue here is simplest process, you need to disable mass mailing worm prevention from access protection properties.

Please follow step by step process for this.
1) Please go to virus scan console of McAfee Virus scan.
2) You will find a screen something like this.

3) Double click on access protection and it will open a window as bellow.
4) In access protection Rules please select Antivirus standard protection and in another side please remove check marks from row of “Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail”.
5) Click on Apply and click on OK.

As this rule is only for outgoing mails so you won’t have any issue in your computer security setting and this change we need to for server not on client machine.

If you think this is a bad idea to disable complete prevention for mass mailing worm then you can go ahead add process in prevent mass mailing worms block.

Click on edit and add the name of process that is getting blocked by McAfee. It will allow only that particular process to send email not any other process.

I hope it was help full, solved your problem.

Thanks for being here.

AP Dubey


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