Not able to Access network computer in windows 7

Yesterday one of my colleagues complaint me that he is not able to access data on shared computer. He is not able to connect to server even if he gave correct permission. He checked firewall, he checked antivirus and everything that he could have do.

Biggest issue was this that he was able to connect with few of the computer but on few computers it was not accepting password

After that it was a big issue for me as well because I believe on his technical skills and I thought process. I looked at his computer and after a short discovery we found reason of the problem. We found his windows 7 clock was not on time. It was 5 days back then present date.

We resettled time as present date and time, and then we checked it and it work like charm.

For solving this issue just change the time as present date and time.

If you have any issue you can discuss here

Thanks for being here


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