DWL-3200 AP easy configuration guide

I bought a new DWL-3200AP for making my wireless network strong and stable but I never did configuration of this device earlier. I was familiar with many other wireless routers but never got chance to configure an access point.

I searched on internet for some easy solution for this but I was unlucky for finding an easy configuration guide. After not finding it on internet I made call to few of my friend s and finally made it done.

If you want to go for the typical and complicated installation guide you can go ahead with that.
For simplest configuration keep reading.

Here is complete step by step guide for configuring DWL-3200AP
  1. Connect your access point in your network as guided by “D-link installation guide”.
  2. Default IP of Access point is so you need to make sure your computer IP is in range.
  3. If your computer IP is in same range no need to do any change else give it your computer IP as or any other in this range.
  4. You are done at preparation part now open your browser and type and press enter.
  5. It should ask for user name and password. Give username “admin” and password is blank.
  6. Now it will open a page similar to this.
  7. Click on basic settings and click on LAN.
  8. In IP address text box give a new free IP that is in your network range.
  9. Give subnet mast and default gateway and click on apply.
  10. Now click on system and click on apply setting and restart button
  11. It’s necessary to restart it for making any new change else it won’t work properly.
  12. It will take 30 second to reboot.
  13. Connect access point with new settings. It will ask for user name and password and it will open same screen.
  14. Now click on basic settings and wireless.
  15. In this screen you will get many drops down boxes for configuring settings.
  16. I am guiding you for access point mode only at present I am not writing for any other mode.
  17. For making an access point select mode as Access point.
  18. Give a name to Wireless network Name (SSID).
  19. Enable SSID broadcast.
  20. Select a channel or let it be auto select.
  21. If you want your network to be secure in authentication select “WPA-Personal”.
  22. Cipher type “Auto” and Group Key Update Interval time “1800”.
  23. Give a passphrase in passphrase text box.
  24. Click on Apply and click system and click on Restart.

If you have DHCP server/router in your network or if you want to give IP address manually on all of wireless device you are done with settings and you don’t need to make any changes. You can connect with your newly created wireless network now.

If you don’t have DHCP server in your network and you wish to give IP address automatically on all of the wireless network device Please keep reading on how to enable dhcp on DWL-3200AP.

For any advance setting in this access point I will write another tutorial guide very soon.

Hope it was helpful for you and it solved your problems

Thanks for being here.


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