How to configure DHCP server in DWL-3200AP.

As I already explain about basic configuration of DWL-3200AP in my previous post here ,its second part of same tutorial.

Step by step guide to enable DHCP server in DWL-3200AP
  1. Open your browser type URL of your access point. If you have any doubts visit my previous post.
  2. Click advance setting, DHCP server, and Dynamic pool setting.
  3. For DHCP server control select enable in front of Function Enable/Disable.
  4. Assign a range of free IP in your network to this dynamic pool setting.
  5. IP Assigned from:à in this field give an IP from where your wireless devices will start getting IP.
  6. The Range of pool. In this range of pool you have to give last IP address that wireless device should get from DHCP.
  7. Submask, its subnet mask of your network.
  8. Default gateway, WINS and DNS should be same as you give manually on all other computer manually.
  9. Lease time, you can give any amount in this I would recommend 6000.
  10. Make the status ON and click on Apply.
  11. Now click on system and restart. In 30 second it will reboot and now you can connect with your access point wirelessly using DHCP setting on client computer.

Things need to remember while doing this setting.

  1. IP range that you give for DHCP should be free and you must not assign this IP to anyone else it might create IP conflict problem and it will make your entire network unstable.
  2. You cannot create another network using this access point.
  3. You can just expand your network this router cannot work as access point.
  4. For maximum utilization keep your access point at a place from where you can receive signal at every corner.
  5. For maximum benefit of the access point check if you can avoid walls and windows for better signals.

Hope it was helpful for you and it solved your problem.

If you find any problem in this or if some thing is not clear for you, you can visit my previous post here for basic and easy configuration of DWL-3200AP.

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