Not able to cancel disk check while booting. Keyboard not working

Change the mechanical keyboard with membrane keyboard it will work fine.

Few days back in one computer some issue came and it rebooted by itself, after rebooting it started disk check and it got hanged at a certain point. I thought to cancel the disk check at boot time but keyboard was not working. It was not accepting keyboard.

Next day morning I picked that system at my desk for finding problem and solution. I connected another keyboard and when I cancelled disk check at boot time it worked well. That time I didn’t cared about it but just 2 hour back one more system behaved that way only. I asked my colleague to change Ritcom Mechanical keyboard with a Logitech Membrane keyboard and it worked out of box.

If you get disk check message at boot time and if you do not want to go for that and you are not able to cancel it too than you need to change keyboard once.

If you want to disable disk check at boot time you can do that easily, see my previous post for that here.

Hope it helped you and solved you problem


AP Dubey


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