Open Suse 11.2 released

I am not a Linux geek neither a regular user of Linux but if you ask about my favourite Linux I always loved open Suse other than Fedora. Never loved Ubuntu or madriva or any other flavour of Linux as much as I liked Open Suse.

Open Suse 11.2 is just out in market and I started downloading of same hopefully I will get it by tomorrow morning and I will be able to use it by tomorrow evening. Generally I am a user who start using any OS from its beta stage only condition it should be available on net on free of charge but this time I was not able to do R&D on any beta OS other than Windows 7.

Well that is past and present is that Open Suse 11.2 is out and it seems a great Linux Distribution with all new great feature. I can give short details of new features but for more you have to visit

Few features of Open Suse in short

1) Linux Kernel latest version 2.6.31.

2) File System Ext4 supported, don’t worry old file system are supported too.

3) Covered more hardware so more driver available for desktop and notebooks.

4) KDE 4.3 and Gnome 2.8 with all new eye candies.

5) Firefox 3.5 and open office 3.1 for all office and browsing need.

6) Additional support for many social networking sites.

7) You can install it using DVD/CD or USB including network install.

I am not a Linux or Open Suse expert and you can learn more about same from here

If you just want to go to download page here is a direct download link page for opensuse 11.2.

You can download whatever option you want to have live Gnome CD/ Live KDE CD/ Network install or DVD media. You can select your download option may be a torrent or direct download link or other available option.

If you are willing to use direct download link make sure you use any download manger I recommend free download manger.

Hope this was useful

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey


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