Difference between mb and MB in data download

Why I get 1/10th speed ISP commited

In my office we upgraded with a fast speed internet line and my colleague came to me with a question AP why do we get 1/10th speed comparative to our internet connection.

I received same question from many people on my mail and resolved those queries also. Today I found some time so I thought about explain this.

Generally all ISP (in India not sure about rest of the world) give speed in mb that is megabit not MegaByte. For calculating your internet speed in Byte or MegaByte you need to divide your ISP given speed by 8 and you will find speed in Byte or Mega Byte or we can say actual speed.

If you buy a 1Mbps internet line from any ISP and then you are assuming to get a file of 100MB data size in 100 second that you are wrong. You need to give it at least 800 second or more to download that file.

Let me explain calculation of bit and byte for easy understanding.

1Byte = 8bit

1mega bit = 1MegaByte/8

If we talk in direct way it’s as simple as dividing speed by 8. If you have 1mbps internet connection your maximum download speed could be 1024/8=128 KBps (Kilo Byte per second) that means if you are downloading a 100MB file on 1Mbps internet connection you need to give it at least 13.3 Minute.

Generally no one get full speed on one download even if its lease line so you should expect this time at least 16-17 Minute for downloading a 100MB file.

Remember Divide your internet speed by 8 to get actual download speed on your internet connection.

Other than this many time I received question “Why I don’t get speed committed by ISP?” and which one is best ISP?” I will write about it but in some other post.

I hope it was useful and informative for you.

Thanks for being here

AP Dubey


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