Random Screen Flickering in Windows

Screen Flickering in Windows 7

Update display driver for your Windows 7 using Windows update and it will get fixed.

I installed windows 7 on my desktop few days back and it’s running smoothly but it has one problem as well. While working screen of my windows 7machine start flickering by it and when I click on any of the application it stop flickering.

I have few other Windows 7 Machines in my office and I never received this problem from any of Windows 7 User but yesterday one Windows 7 User came to me and complained me that his computer screen suddenly starts flickering and that it again stop in some time.

I said I do have same problem and give me couple of minute to find the solution. I searched on net but found no easy way to get rid of this problem. I assumed it as problem of Display driver so I thought to check update my windows 7 computer and when I checked I found in optional update it had 2 drivers on it, first was for my Samsung Sync Monitor and other one was display driver for my Intel DQ965 Mother board.

I installed these updates restarted my computer and after that I have not received annoying screen flickering problem again even for once.

I applied same changes for my other team member also who complained me for screen flickering and it worked well.

So if you have problem of Random Screen Flickering in Windows 7 you don’t need to worry about any thing. Go to windows update setting check for update go to optional component find display driver update for your display and install it.

After that you will not have this problem again.

I have tested it on different machines and it worked fine for me.

If you find any issue in this or if you find it not working please do let me know on my mail. apdubey@gmail.com I would love to assist you for solving this issue.

I hope it was informative and solved your problem

Thanks for being her

AP Dubey

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