Best Free Antivirus for Windows

Every now and then I receive mail from people around the world what they can do for securing their windows computer from virus although they know they need an antivirus but what they don’t know is which antivirus they should choose.

Sometime people pay for antivirus software and then also they never get peace of mind because those antiviruses do not work well for them or sometime they eat all the resource of system while scanning computer.

I will take no more of your time and I will come to the point about the antivirus solution and that free antivirus solution is Microsoft security essential.

Microsoft security essential is awarded with all the approval and cleared all the test in labs that any antivirus solution need to pass.

It gives regular update even the hourly update. It’s light on system probably the only antivirus that consume just 4mb of ram in windows 7 computer. It gives you real time protection means if you download a file containing virus it will alert as soon as that download is complete or even before that. It gives you full control of allowing any particular file type if that file is unique for your work and antivirus solution treat it virus you can exclude it from scanning and above all its not just an antivirus solution but it’s also antispyware solution so your system will be completely protected that too free of cost.

You can download this from here for your computer

With this you can download its update pack exe also from here that will update your computer’s antivirus in one shot and after that you can go for automatic update for future or you can do automatic update for the first time also

Only thing that you need to remember for using this antivirus solution is your system must be genuine, if you windows is not genuine it won’t work on your computer

Hope it was useful for you and informative too


AP Dubey


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