Disk cloning tool and backup solution

I wrote about disc cloning software’s long back those were free and are free now also with latest updates but now many new software are also there in market.

Day before yesterday someone told me he needs a disc cloning software as his primary hard disk is dying but he is not willing to pay for it and he is not willing to go for bootable cd solution as he was afraid of overwriting his primary hard disk with new hard disk.

I did some Google and I found if you need it for one time usage than you can go for EaseUS to do backup workstation 4.5 is best solution for this. You can download this tools free trial from its site and install it. Add new hard disk drive and clone it and you are done.
This is the download link for free trial of it http://www.todo-backup.com/download/ 

you can find its help document online on this site and best thing is you can do it while your windows is working even when you are working. 

its cloning speed is also good that you can have a 160 gb hard disk drive cloned in just 30 minute or less as per your computer speed.

It’s simple, isn’t it and best thing you can do all of this in a trial version and off course if you want to have more features you can buy it any time from them

And remember I am putting this link for just for your help, if you buy it from them I am not going to have any referral money from them so please feel free to buy it by visiting there site from google search or from here as per your choice.

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