Firefox shortcuts

Firefox shortcuts

As per my promise to give shortcut tips for Firefox in my previous post I am here with a list of shortcut keys and few useful tips that can enhance your Firefox experience.

As always I use these shortcuts to just save the time as gamers save the time to win the game with cheats. Here it’s not like cheat but it’s just a way to save the time. After these shortcuts your life would be very simple but I am not claming at all that these shortcuts will replace your mouse for browsing but I can assure you for this that these shortcuts will give you a different browsing experience that you have never before and your mouse use will reduce by 50 percent.

Firefox is itself a very big tool in itself so I am dividing it in few separate parts.

For starting firefox user windows+r then typefirefox and press enter. Firefox will get open.

For more run command and windows shortcut and keys visit my previous post

Toolbar Navigation

Alt+D or Ctrl+L = select the address bar type and go
Ctrl+K = select search bar in Firefox just type and search
Backspace or Alt+ left arrow = Back
Shift+Backspace or Alt+ Right arrow = Forward
Ctrl+up or down arrow = Change search engine ( this option would work after highlighting search engine option so before changing search engine please press Ctrl+k).
Up and down reflect next and previous.
Alt+Enter = open search in new tab.

Add com,org,net
I am too lazy to type full url like so I just type xyz and I press ctrl+enter it takes me to, we can use the same for .net and org domain also.

Book Mark
Ctrl+D = book mark current tab page.
Ctrl+shift+D= bookmark all open tab.
Ctrl+shift+B= Organize bookmark It will open a new window to organize the bookmark tabs.
Ctrl+B = Show the bookmark search side bar.
Alt+B= Show the bookmark in menu.

Ctrl+T = Open a new tab.
Ctrl+w = Close the front tab
Ctrl+f4 =Close the front tab.
Ctrl+shift+t= Undo last close tab (very useful if you closed a tab by mistake)
Ctrl+tab= Switch to next tab.
Ctrl+ (1-9) = Select tab from one to nine.
Ctrl+u = open source of the tab.

Ctrl+F= find the word in page.
(Alt+N=Move to next match
Alt+P=Prvious Match
Alt+A=Highlight All Match) these three option work after Ctrl+F.
/ = find the link in the page and at hit of enter it will open up in new tab or same tab. If it’s not opening in new tab and you want to open it in new tab use
Ctrl+Enter to open link in new tab.
‘ = find the link.

Few shortcut those cant be in any category
Ctrl+j=show downloads bar
Ctrl+shift+del=clear private data
F11 =view in full screen mode
Esc=stop loading page

I hope this was useful

Do comment if you like it.

I hope this was useful

Do comment if you like it.

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Anonymous said...

very helpful! thank you!

Unknown said...

Cannot get Ctrl+W to work on Adobe Reader within Firefox 3. Get message from Adobe Reader "Action cannot be performed from within an external window". Used to work in FF2 and AR8. Any suggestions? - Pls e--mail to tecsi@(kill-this)

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