Shortcut keys and Commands for Windows

Shortcut keys and Commands

Many of my friends ask to me how could I work so fast and they ask this because they don’t know many shortcut commands or they don’t use it. My simple answer to them is shortcuts, but sometimes they ask me what shortcuts are they and I have no answer because I cannot name each and every shortcut at a time. Before few time someone asked me that I should go ahead and post it on my blog and I said ok because I found it good and useful for my blog and I feel happy when I am giving some good content over my blog for my readers.

Before one month back I posted a list of few very useful network commands now I am here with some shortcut with details for day to day usage. Hope It would be useful for all.

It took me almost 2 hour to write this post as it was very difficult to get from my hundreds of commands which one is useful for all.

All Windows basic keyboard shortcut
1) Alt+f4 : Close the windows
2) Alt+space+n : Minimise current window
3) Alt+space+c : Close this window
4) Alt+space+m : Move this window ( after this command with the help of arrow key you can move the window anywhere in the screen without touching mouse).
5) Alt+space+r : restore the windows ( with this you can restore the window in half screen view)
6) Alt+space+x: maximize the window to full screen mode.
7) Ctrl+shit+esc : windows task manger
8) Ctrl+c : to copy some thing
9) Ctrl+x: to cut some thing
10) Ctrl+v : to paste some thing
11) Alt+tab : Move to next window.
12) Alt+shift+tab: Move to last window
13) Windows+d: show the desktop (if you press same button again all window will come back to its original state. Keep in mind it’s not minimised its hidden).
14) Ctrl+z: undo the last change that you do( how many undo you can do is program dependent.
15) Ctrl+y: redo the last undo that you did.
16) Alt+enter: properties window of selected item.
17) Windows+e : explorer view for my computer.
18) Ctrl+p: print the document
19) Alt+print screen: screenshot capture of only selected window
20) Ctrl+end : reach to end of the document
21) Ctrl+home: reach to the start of the document
22) Ctrl+arrow : move one word ahead or back
23) Ctrl+tab: move to next in internal window
24) Ctrl+shift+tab: move to back in internal window

For Opening programs in windows from run penal few commands are here
1) Winword: open MS word all version
2) Excel : open MS Excel spreadsheet
3) Outlook: open MS outlook
4) Powerpnt: open MS power point
5) Msimn: open outlook express(in windows XP or 2003)
6) Iexplore: open internet explorer
7) Firefox: Open Firefox
8) Calc: open calculator
9) Mspaint: open mspaint
10) Notepad : open notepad
11) Regedit: open registry editor
12) Control : open control panel
13) Appwiz.cpl: open add remove program window.
14) Ctrl+shift+esc: open task manager
15) Windows+pasue/break:Open Sytem Properties
16) Esc : for closing yahoo chatting window
17) Cmd: open command prompt
18) Msconfig : open system configuration utility
19) Wmplayer:open Windows Media player

These are most useful commands that I shown here other than these command I use ample amount of other commands also that are not very useful for day to day simple user but for those who are computer admin I will post a long list for that would cover lot more than this.

Along with this I would like to take you back to my previous post where I explained how to make a program shortcut to start from run panel. Please visit here for how to make run shortcut

I will soon come with shortcut keys for Firefox users that could make internet browsing life easier.


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