VS.net 2003 on Vista

Dot.Net Framework 1.1 on Vista

When I tried to upgrade all the computer of my office from older windows XP sp2 or Windows XP SP3 then I got objection from couple of team members as Vista does not support .net framework 1.1 so they cannot install VS.net 2003 and they have some projects that need VS.net 2003.

After a little search I got to know that we need to install dot net framework 1.1 and its service pack before install but problem is vista do not support .net framework 1.1 without sp1 and MS website do not give combined pack of dot net framework with sp1. For avoid this issue I did search again and I got to know the method of creating a combined folder of dot.net framework1.1 and sp1 files. I may share the method to you in any of my future post as it’s a long procedure for same post.

I have uploaded this folder on rapidshare and you can download this from here
Method for installing VS.net 2003 is here
1) First download the dot.net framework1.1 with sp1 zip file from here or above given location.
2) Extract the zip file.
3) After extraction you will get 2 folder Program Files & Win and 2 files netfx.msi & netfxsp.msp double click on netfx.msi.
4) It will install dot.net frame work 1.1 on your vista computer. It will not give any alert or message for completion, it will just close the installation window after completion of installation of dot.net framework 1.1
5) Now install VS.net 2003 as you do for your XP Machine.
6) At the time of setup start it might give you a message that front page server extension 2002 is not installed you can skip this alert.
7) After this just follow the entire step that you always do for installing VS.net 2003 on your Windows XP computer. It shall not give you any issue.
8) While installation will complete it will give you an alert that this version of vs.net 203 is incompatible with Vista for using this just avoid this information and use it as administrator.

Do let me know if you find any issue in this by comments. Please do mention your mail ID while commenting for any issue or need support so I can get back to you.

Let me clear you one thing that I am not dot.net expert I am only a system admin who works with system.

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