Google voice and video chat plugin offline installation

Just few days back Google launched its Video chat plug-in for browsers by which you can simply do a voice and video chat inside the browser only. See the video

For enabling this video and voice chat feature inside the browser you need to install a plug-in for your browser that you can simply install from Google but its an online installation and files will get removed from your computer as soon as this component is installed on your windows computer.

My present post is for those who like offline installation and they want to “install Google video plug-in offline mode”. I have extracted the plug-in from temp directory and sharing it with you all for your use.

Previously I gave google chrome offline setup in my older post that you can see here now I am here with google video chat plugin offline installation setup.

You can download “Google video chat plug-in offline” from here or here size of this plug-in is just 1.5MB

You just need to download and install it and nothing else then the browser restart. Once you installed it, it will ask you for restarting of your browser, after restarting your browser you will be able to do voice and video chat in your browser only.

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B.Mossavari said...
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Omid said...

I was looking for it ;)
many thanks ...

Govea said...

Hi, can you update the plugin? I need the new version, and the version you are sharing is outdated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

please share offline installer of google voice and video new version

Antony said...

Hey there, Could you please update witth a new download link for the latest version, im unable to install any google files though the googleupdate.exe proram so this is the only way I can get the plugin running.

my email is Antonytycoon (a)

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Google Voice and Video Plugin Offline installer 2013

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