Exchange server 2007 online backup in windows server 2008

Exchange server 2007 online backup in windows server 2008

Use windows server 2003 ntbackup utitlity for taking online backup of exchange server 2007 in windows server 2008

I installed MS Exchange server 2007 on a windows server 2008 environment and combination of both worked pretty good. But as a non written rule every good thing holds a bad thing in it. So what this combination of Windows server 2008 and Exchange server 2007 does.

In Windows server 2008 it’s not possible to take online backup of Exchange server 2007 because windows server 2008 doesn’t support online backup of exchange server 2007.

I was felling lot of pain because of this online backup unavailability because it generates lot of logs that make my server’s hard disk full and it stops my exchange server to work. For Deleting log my friend created a utility that could delete all the logs easily on daily basis. You can get more detail for this utility from here or you can it discuss about it here.

We created that utility but I was not happy with that so I looked for some other solution and I found it.

I saw that in windows vista we do not have the hyper terminal but we can use that by copying the necessary file from XP. I tried the same thing for windows server 2008 also and looked for Windows NT backup files and that worked. For more about hyperterminal in vista visit my previous post here

Exchange server 2007 work on windows server 2003 so Windows NT backup can take the online backup of exchange server 2007. When you run windows NTbackup.exe in windows server 2008 it render all the information of exchange server 2007 and it can take online backup of exchange server 2007 in windows server 2008. Its backup is as simple as you used to do in windows server 2003.

Only thing that we need to take as precaution is that for a 64 bit OS we should use a 64 bit server 2003 file and for a 32 bit OS we should use 32 bit server 2003 files.

If you have any problem in using ntbackup utility in windows server 2008 you can discus that on my website forum here.

For making your life easy I extracted the files of NT backup and uploaded it. you can download it from here with your respected version.

For 64Bit version of windows server download from here

For 32 bit version of windows server download it from here

Password for both the zip file is

I hope it was useful for you and you liked it.

Thanks for being here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for an interesting article,
Our company has recently released a new version of Handy Backup which allows backing up Exchange Server stores, either on a schedule, or as run-once events. We priced it at $139. How do you think, is the price fair enough for such a program?

AP said...

Hi Sympho

I would not recommend any buddy to pay this hefty amount of money for some thing that you can do using simple batch file and windwos scheduler only yes that would be not compiled in one program but I believe that is acceptable for technical sound person.

But I saw your tool and found it a good tool for any kind of backup and I can appreciate your tool when it comes about a complete backup solution .


Alex said...

For working out problems related to backup&restore you may use Exchange mailbox recovery. It can restore contacts from any MS Exchange version. The tool views the results of repairing edb and works under all Windows OS.

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