How to assign shortcut key to any application in windows 7

How to assign shortcut key to any application in windows 7

Earlier I wrote about making a shortcut for XP and other Windows version that you can get here. In windows 7 they gave a very good feature that is assigning a shortcut key for any application. Using this feature you can assign a shortcut key combination to any application for opening it with least effort and shortest time.

If I talk about myself I have assigned shortcut key ctrl+alt+o for outlook ctrl+alt+n for notepad and many other key combinations for multiple regular used application. Assigning key combination is as simple as using any application by mouse.

Here is short procedure for that.

1) Click on start--> all programs -->application right click on application shortcut and click on properties.

2) In properties windows you will get screen as bellow. By Default shortcut key is none

3) Click in text box of Shortcut Key or press alt+k. Now choose a shortcut key that you want for this particular application as I selected in bellow image.

4) You can choose any key combination but I would recommend you to use a combination like ctrl+alt+(first letter of that application). It will make your life easy to remember any shortcut key that you created.

5) If you want to change or remove shortcut key combination you can easily remove that from here only.

Hope it was usefull for you and you enjoyed this.




Anonymous said...

thanks! this was really helpful. i'm probably going to be using shortcut keys for all my apps now :)

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